True 3D responsive image

Experience true 3D

The 3D image is generated by integrated multidimensional sensors which are induced by a magnetic field generated and transmitted to the control unit to be processed and displayed in real time during the procedure.

The SCOPEPILOT image provides a 3-dimensional image with high depth of view in order to differentiate the loop configuration.

Real time representation of the scope shape and position for a dynamic trackability and handling control for the best image response.

Easy to use

Easy set up

  • SCOPEPILOT sensors are integrated in the colonoscope, keeping the working channel free for the advanced therapeutic procedures.
  • SCOPEPILOT does not need a dedicated monitor, which makes setting up the system simple and quick and also minimizes the need for extra equipment in the procedure.

Control accessories

  • SCOPEPILOT can be activated remotely from the panel or remote control anytime during the procedure.
  • The External Position Sensor enables the nurse to accurately locate the colonoscope before applying abdominal pressure when corrective action is necessary.

Data management flexibility and traceability

  • Screenshots can be captured with a single press of a button and be saved to a memory stick.
  • Patient data can be stored together with the image capture and saved onto memory sticks or the network, making it easier to trace images to patients and reports.
Field generator unit
External Position Sensor
Remote control unit
USB port

Advanced Orientation

Intuitive Navigation

SCOPEPILOT features intuitive functions to provide the highest quality standards in Colonoscopy and training.

  • Image rotation on horizontal and vertical axis for an improved differentiation of the insertion tube.
  • Split screen allows simultaneous viewing of the anterior and superior positions to better understand and explain the complex anatomies.
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out functionality for improved loops evaluation, enhanced training and procedure reports that are easily comprehensible.
  • The external portion sensor (EPS) helps to correctly apply abdominal pressure to support and overcome any difficulty during the intubation.
  • Length markers along the colonoscope helps to understand the insertion length and those areas on interest during the procedure.

Empowered by education

  • SCOPEPILOT system provides advanced orientation features to support the quality standards for training and trainers.
  • SCOPEPILOT is part of the Training for Excellence, the widest range of professional education programs, across Europe, Middle East and Africa, spreading best practice endoscopy supported by PENTAX Medical.

Learn more at and find detailed information about the program, training courses and registration.

Image rotation
Split screen

Comprehensive colonoscopy solution

Advanced Imaging

The SCOPEPILOT EC38-i10N video colonoscope is part of the latest PENTAX Medical HD+ Series.

  • The i10 colonoscopes include the next generation megapixel CCD for a crisp, clear and bright HD+ image and together with Close Focus allows for a detailed examination of the mucosa up to 2mm.
  • SCOPEPILOT together with OPTIVISTA – EPK-i7010 video processor is the ultimate solution for improved diagnosis, advanced therapeutics and training on a unique combination of optical (i-scan OE) and digital enhancements (i-scan) supporting improved in vivo diagnosis.

For more information please visit, a scientific driven platform to gather i-scan experts in a network where clinical cases and i-scan experiences will be shared amongst peers and discussed in frequent webinars.

i-scan 1 (SE) – Detection
i-scan 2 (TE) – Pattern characterization and demarcation
i-scan 3 (OE) – Vessel characterization

The secret behind improved handling

Colonoscopy requires a high degree of skill and precision – not just from the professionals performing the procedure, but also from the devices they use.

Through its proprietary i-FLEX™ and TrueTorque™ PENTAX medcial colonoscopies are designed to provide the perfect balance between flexibility and torque response to support medical professionals and reduce patient discomfort during colonoscopy.

  • PENTAX Medical i-FLEX™ technology provides a graduated flexibility of the insertion tube characteristics for an efficient maneuvering through the tight twists and turns of the sigmoid colon.
  • TrueTorque™ provides a higher tactile feel with the endoscopes ensuring a predictable movement to reach the caecum quickly and efficiently.